Saturday, December 03, 2005


Doesn't Madonna still look great? She is one of those artists that I feel semi-embarrassed about liking but I’m not in the least embarrassed about admiring her. This week, I watched her new documentary, I’m Going to Tell You a Secret on Channel 4, and thoroughly enjoyed it. One of the reviews I read about the show said that although Madonna might not be a good person, at least she was trying to be. That’s what came across to me too.

I tried to work out what it was about her Re-Invention show that I liked and it wasn’t only one thing – it was the whole package – the music, the set, the dancers, the direction. I found the dancers particularly fascinating – there is something so enthralling about people who are doing something they clearly love, with energy, at the peak of their abilities. Inspiring too; especially Daniel ‘Cloud’ Campos, the acrobatic b-boy dancer who had me gaping open-mouthed at the TV when he did ‘The Jackhammer’. It was also kind of ironic that their youth and vitality was what brought the show of an aging ‘star’ to life.

I think I might have found a subject for the sonnet I need to write for my poetry course…

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Anonymous said...

Funnily enough I watched that one too, and felt slightly annoyed with myself for still liking Madge, in spite of her growing years... B