Thursday, December 29, 2005


It is truly amazing how little interest I’ve had in writing anything over the past month – not just creative stuff – even emails have required a major effort. Either I’ve had a mini burn-out or maybe I’m going through a phase? I like the idea of ‘going through a phase’ – makes me feel all young and unpredictable.

Yesterday, I sorted out my bookshelves (yup, young and unpredictable, that’s me) and feel better for bringing a bit of order to the chaos of the dining room walls. I’d already got rid of dozens of books to the charity shop before Christmas and have now bagged up dozens more – including all my OU course books. It’s so weird to think that I’ve finished the degree – that what I’ve put so much effort into for the last six years is complete. Then I got to thinking, maybe that’s why I seem to have lost my urge to write – I’m still hovering on the edge of some important decisions but now that one of my most solid points of reference is gone, I’m kind of flailing about and making no progress.

Of course, I know exactly how to set things straight (the degree study taught me that) – I need to apply a bit of discipline. So, yesterday, I ordered several poetry books that nobody bought off my Amazon wish list (by Pattiann Rogers and A. R. Ammons) and this morning, instead of just stopping by at PFFA for a quick look in the non-poetry forums, I read some poetry and critiques too. Then, I wrote this entry and who knows, maybe tomorrow I might even write another? Small steps…

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