Friday, November 18, 2005


So, I’ve been thinking about starting up a blog for quite some time but until now, I couldn’t quite bring myself round to doing it. Being a logical type, I like to have a reason for doing everything, but the other thing that put me off was that I thought that the kind of people who have blogs, or ‘personal’ web sites, like the sound of their own voices too much. And then it hit me. I like the sound of my own voice too! I like to rabbit on about anything and everything that interests me, love a good rant, and what’s more, I seldom require an answer.

Anyway, having finished the last year of a 6-year commitment to study this October, and always wanting some kind of absorbing project to take my mind off paid work, I thought I’d give it a go.


Anonymous said...

Was the weight of the material too heavy for the pore oul crane, then?

Messalina said...

Yes - just the thought of it was too much to take!