Tuesday, November 22, 2005


My mood is thoughtful, almost transcendental - like an angelic child sitting in an open field in the early evening sun, wondering what mischief to get involved in next.

Work yesterday was a very tedious. The heating didn't work, we had several power cuts, it was 16 degrees inside and about 2 degrees outside. Plus, I didn't have anything remotely interesting to do and even if I did, I didn't have any enthusiasm to do much anyway. I went to lunch at 10:30 - that's never a good sign. I wore my coat inside all day too - that's not a good sign either. Anyway, I woke up this morning and my heart sank at the thought of another day of tedium, so I decided to take a days holiday and veg out. I've watched some TV, slept, read and messed about on the computer - nice. At 4:55, I decided to check my voicemail to make sure I hadn't missed anything (fat chance!) and hey-presto, there's a message from my new boss. Of course I had to call him - I couldn't wait until tomorrow now, could I?

So, he made me an offer. O-k-a-y... that's good, right? Hmm. He seemed - well; pushy, impatient, uncommunicative, pushy and, really quite pushy. He rambled at top speed through the offer - same pay and conditions, new job at same location but no job profile or clue about what was involved - and he wanted me to accept there and then. I can't say exactly how it smelt but it had a whiff of desperation about it and I didn't feel like being pushed. Months and months in a holding pattern and not one telephone call from anyone making any decisions about my future and then they want to push me? No. I think not. We have a call booked for 11am tomorrow and a meeting in the City Friday - looking forward to an interesting rest of the week - when I've finished this daisy chain...


Anonymous said...

Hmm... I hope this new job offer isn't anything to do with horticulture ... Sweet innocent that you are, you seem to be trying to make a daisy chain from clover blooms :o)

Anonymous said...

Good luck with new job offer!
Sounds like a real a**hole that you're dealing with... :¬(

Rob Mackenzie said...

Hang in there, Messalina. Nice to see that you have a blog. Hope the negotiations go well.

Messalina said...

Dear anonymous Eve, told you I was transcendental - I could have sworn they were daisies... ;o)

Thanks anonymous 2 (B?) - my world is full of them!

Hey Rob - thanks for dropping in - blogs are clearly contagious!