Saturday, April 15, 2006


I really can’t decide what I want to write about today. I finished work for a little holiday on Wednesday and I haven’t done a stroke since – lovely. The only issue with that is that the lack of work-based mental acrobatics means that I’ve gone into overdrive-any-subject-under-the-sun-based mental acrobatics, and now I can’t pick just one thing to concentrate on.

I do have an idea for a new poem lounging around in my head somewhere – something to do with a character who collects pebbles in the pockets of a gabardine coat but, at the moment, I’m not sure if it’s a he or a she, why they’re collecting the pebbles, or if the pebbles should be polished or not. I’m also heavily into revisiting the Red Hot Chili Peppers’ work as their new album is about to come out, and I’m trying to read Pushkin’s Onegin at the same time as Anthony Kiedis’ autobiography, the course books from A103 that Barbara sent me to see if I thought I might like to tutor it, and Juvenal’s satires.

Where to settle? Easy answer – don’t. That’s the option I’ve gone for so far. I reckon that when I’m ready to settle on something, I will.

Meanwhile, I’m thoroughly enjoying reading my selected NaPoWriMo threads on PFFA and trying to resist the temptation to branch out to others that I very much want to read, but really can’t afford to give the proper time to. They’ll still be there in May.

For now, I’ll continue butterflying around and enjoying my mini-break over Easter. Oh yeah, and I accepted my honours degree today – have plumped for BA (Hons) Humanities with Classical Studies at a 2:1 classification. Job done – lovely.


Anonymous said...

Oh my, am I a “selected thread”? Je suis tres honoured!

And many many congrats on your achievement. A wife and a scholar! Takes some doing.


Messalina said...

Thanks for the congrats :o)

You, EParsons, Triglyph, Senia, Searcher and Steph#2 are my selected threads. It also included Steven but he's been very naughty and stopped posting!

I do try to squeeze in a few more here and there, but they're the ones I read first and always.

Number 12 of EParsons' is absolutely my favourite of his so far - you must read it if you get a minute - it literally left me choked at the end - really. He's a very interesting writer and a good challenge for me. I don't suppose for a second that I really 'get' him yet, but I want to.

I can't pick a favourite of yours yet - there are too many I love (there - hope I've made you blush)!

Steven said...

Well Done!!!

Classical studies has always intrigued me - I kind of scratched upon its surface when I was studying some English Lit modules.

Hope the day was grand.

In other news, I've found a solution and I'm back posting again. Just posted some real codswallop for the first entry, but then posted something I actually like; I reckon it's the best thing I've done in a while.

And I have no idea how to work computers.