Sunday, March 12, 2006


I’ve had very little time on line for the last few weeks, and when I popped on to read the selections for this month’s Guardian Workshop (well done again Victoria – “bones of my news” will stay with me for quite some time) and revisited my own entry a little later, I positively squirmed. Self-editing after a few weeks break, certainly seems to breed contempt!

Although I was pleased with my little offering at the time, mostly because it expressed a sentiment that I deeply felt and have never before attempted to express, it now seems, well; trite. In fact, so much so that I can’t even face posting it here.

Note to self – when writing on personal themes, take a very long time to edit and refine. If you think it’s bordering on hackneyed now, just wait and see how much worse it’ll look in a couple of weeks!

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