Sunday, March 12, 2006


Some people have very relaxing jobs – like the lovely Elle here. Sadly, I do not. I spent no more than one hour on line for my own amusement this week, and about the same last week.

As for writing, well – not a chance. My usual thinking time for blog and poetry subjects was safe though (it's usually when I do the weekend hoovering) however, I never then had the energy to follow them up. Last weekend, I was thinking about Marcus Aurelius and wondering if his Meditations might count as the very first blog, but I never had the energy to follow it up after I’d finished the housework. Mindless crochet projects have taken over – they are about the only thing that can make me relax after work when I’m really busy – anything involving thought is just too much!

Anyway, the good news is that I have an idea for another poem in my serial killer series – just a few images so far, but it is starting to come together in my head. It always helps me to have something to focus on when I don’t have much free thinking time.

Hmm, wonder how one goes about getting a job that involves a lot of reclining, other than modelling? Although maybe I shouldn’t be too hard on myself – I could model, perhaps I could get a few gigs doing photo shoots for ‘Crochet Today’ or something?


Anonymous said...


I am touched (at least that’s what my few friends tell me), though she looks impossibly impossible in this picture, and I think I liked her best in Sirens when she put on a few extra pounds and looked curvaceously approachable. Er, I wonder how far I can push this. Let’s see, humm, maybe next week Colin Firth, then Xena ...

Reading your week I was reminded of Mary Oliver who apparently spent the early part of her life finding the most boring and least mentally taxing jobs, presumably in order to leave energy and time to write. How she managed to eat is not made clear though. Also if it’s any consolation I wanted to read English Lit and ended up instead at Reading Uni doing Land Management, then spending the next 20 years pretending to be a surveyor in a most serious way which left no time for anything else. Sad.

One of the results of this misspent adulthood is that I feel very inferior when people airily cite tomes such as Meditations by Marcus Aurelius - all I know about the guy is what I picked up from Gladiator the other night.

Must run, I need to sort out my subscription to Crochet Today; renewal of course.


Cailleach said...

You could possibly crochet a stunning new design in bikinis for oul Elle to wear as she writhes around in a field of the first daffodils?

Nah, it'd probably turn into a mudbath - mind you that's better than a bloodbath...

Now where'd I put that book on the blessed roamin's?

Anonymous said...

Elle in a mudbath. Omg!

Rob with the filthy mind. Heh.

Kult said...

I think Colin Firth next. But it is hard to follow on from that Spock picture.

What I was meaning to ask is, no Napowrimo plans? What would it take to convince you?


Messalina said...


I was a total drop out at school (far too busy chasing boys on motorbikes, smokin' fags and boozing to turn up too often) and the knowledge I have today is mostly an indirect result of movies and novels - I truly am that shallow. As for Marcus, thanks to many swords and sandals epics, I have a passionate interest in everything Roman and 'Meditations' was one of the first things I read when I got properly interested. It is amazingly accessible in a good translation, and aside from the thought provoking philosophy it contains, it blows me away to think we can read the musings of a man who was head of a vast empire over 1,800 years ago. Give it a go if you can (Penguin Classics, Maxwell Staniforth as translator or read some here - it's a good one to pick up and put down whenever, and great to get the poetic juices flowing.

Cailleach - please don't encourage him! ;o)

Hey Kult - No - and a minor miracle! ;o) I see you're giving it a go - will try drop in on your thread from time to time. Now we just have to convince Rob...