Friday, January 06, 2006


One of the things that Santa brought me this year was the double CD ‘The Ultimate Collection’ by Electric Light Orchestra. Totally retro, totally fab. Driving to work this week has been a complete retro singing party for one. Even at the time they were popular, it wasn’t hip to like them, but I didn’t care then and I don’t care now – it is really enjoyable, melodious, sing-a-long pop music.

So, if you’re old enough to remember them first time round, give yourself a treat and pick up a copy. Although, be warned, if you listen to it on the way to work, you will arrive at the office with a ridiculous grin plastered on your face and may even have to resist the urge to skip…


Anonymous said...

Agreed, I got ELO's Greatest just before Xmas and it is terrfic. Takes me back, as I can recall it all first time around!!

I am also currently REALLY enjoying revisiting: Pink Floyd, Genesis,Marillion - all very prog.


Messalina said...

Hi Fox,

Nice to see you here! I was never into Genesis or Marillion - I was more of a Stranglers fan - although I was into Pink Floyd for a while, along with Deep Purple, Led Zepp and Black Sabbath (I'm that bit older than you though, I think?).

I detested Abba at the time it was popular but love it now - amazing how your taste can stay the same and change at the same time! ;o)

Anonymous said...

Why on earth should you think you are older than me! (unless you think I am a Fox you know). 52 and weaned on Zeppelin (my all time favourite band), Sabbath, Purple - quite the headbanger.

Floyd, Genesis etc were my 'easy listening' bands. Still love 'em all, but (rather like John Peel) keep moving on with the times and love lots of new stuff - possibly many most 'older' people have never heard of.

One's tastes do change and I now enjoy plenty of bands I would have been appalled at in the 70s. Ah, middle-age...