Tuesday, January 24, 2006


I first came across Pattiann Rogers on PFFA when Howard posted her poem ‘The Hummingbird: A Seduction’ and, after reading some more of her work online, I followed up his reading recommendations and bought her latest collection of poetry, Firekeeper, along with The Dream of the Marsh Wren in which she talks about her experience of writing. Throughout the discussion, she uses her poems to illustrate her points, which is very effective. This is the book I decided to begin with and it is one of those books that, as I read, I want to show it to people, to tell everyone about it, because what she says resonates with me so strongly. She verbalises so many ideas I have about poetry writing that I haven’t yet managed to articulate, as well as others that are (so far) outside of my experience. Although I’m enjoying every page, I’m looking forward to getting to the poetry collection too!


Cailleach said...

Is there a difference between the hardback and softback version of The Dream of the Marsh Hen?

Just wanna know for the Amazon order...!

Messalina said...

No not at all. I just tend to buy poetry in hardback (as long as the cost difference isn't too much), because I expect to keep it for a long time :o)

Cailleach said...

Oh I see! Wear-out-ability. You obviously expect to re-read them a lot! ;¬)