Saturday, October 10, 2009


As well as returning to my blog, I also decided to go dip my toe back into reading and critiquing at the PFFA, but boy it’s quiet!

Admittedly, I’ve only been visiting there again for half a week, but I’ve been shocked at how few postings there have been. I’m sure that when I was last there, there would be half a board’s worth of new postings (mostly awful, of course) on General every day – over the last three days, there have only been one or two a day.

Maybe this is just a quiet week. Or maybe PFFA has taken all the available fresh meat with tortured souls and cut skins, melded them into poets, and now the pool of potential is empty? [sharp intake of breath] surely not?

Well, I don’t think they’re quite there yet, a plagiarist was squished and sent Outside in the last week and the newest newbie is called ‘fallenangel’, which is promising….

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