Saturday, February 04, 2006


Well, the Guardian Poetry Workshop looks really interesting this month and I've already got a couple of ideas for poems. Of course, they may not yet materialise but, they’re swirling about.

Now that my short poetry writing course is over, I need what help I can get to keep me writing. My day job is still making hefty demands on my energy – I’m just grateful that I’m not studying this year – if I were, I wouldn’t have time to write at all.

So, this was the piece I ended up submitting for my last short course assignment. I’m not sure if it has any future yet. If so, it is probably the only one from the pieces I wrote for the course that does:

Mrs Slingsby’s Surreptitious Occupation

Deleted for revision


Anonymous said...


This is terrific. Or to be more accurate it could, imo, be really excellent with a bit of tweaking. I can't believe you are the same writer who wrote that curls on bloody castors piece! If you choose to workshop this please PM me in case I miss it.

Very well done.


Messalina said...


Thanks for stopping by and for your comments - I knew there was a reason I liked you so much ;o) I'm hoping to get back active on the crit boards on PFFA soon and will certainly workshop this one and PM you as you suggest. It's great to know that my self-study is paying off, even if my OU course didn't!